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Our construction lawyers are experts in all legal aspects in the construction industry

In Interlegal UK, we understand the opportunities and challenges of the market. This department is dedicated to assisting our clients. Our team will advise on business and project companies and will further assist you in locating investors to help you with the development of your project if applicable.

Our group of lawyers, architects and property agents will layout preliminary research to develop any project you have in mind. Our construction sector, has established itself as a market leader in the development of projects ranging from residences, buildings and warehouses, to shops, businesses, offices and interior design.

Here at Interlegal UK, we review the budget and study (if any) the property in mind. At this stage you can develop the following activities:

  • Architectural Survey

We study the local environment to develop the architectural project, construction insurance, environmental law, planning, public procurement, health and safety.

  • Legal Survey

We study the legal environment and consult with regulated entities to develop your project. Our legal team will be in charge of any legal scenarios that may arise during the exploitation of the project.

  • Construction Drafting
  • Construction Disputes

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