1. Our on-line lawyers will deal with your Mortgage transaction free of charge.

A wide range of properties is featured through Aliseda real estate, first and second homes, commercial premises, offices, industrial units, land..., throughout the entire national territory, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands where you are sure to find what you are looking for at a very competitive price and with special terms.

2. Acceptance - 100 % percent mortgages have begun to appear again, with the latest offering coming from Spanish lender Banco Popular.

During the first year of the mortgage the interest rate is set at 0.9 percent, which is the same rate of interest that banks apply to funds which they lend to each other, known as the interbank rate. Thereafter, the rate increases to 2.39 percent. Do not think twice about contacting Interlegal Group, will resolve all your questions and concerns and you will be advised at all times by our Legal Commercial department. In addition will negotiate funding if applicable.

Contact us on-line:

  1. Use our on-line chat (from Monday to Friday), where you will immediately be attended by one of our commercial and property Lawyers.
  2. You may also request that one of our advisers gets in contact with you within the times that you choose by leaving a comment through our on-line chat. Alternatively we could arrange a face to face meeting to discuss your plans.

3. Visiting the Place.

Once we have received interest in a property, our Commercial department will contact you by telephone so that we can decide on a date and time to see the property, which most suits your availability:

  • We advise you to keep in mind the following aspects to make the most of your visit: Make a list of what you consider important: aspects of the house such as its distribution, decoration..., communal areas or location.
  • Take note of all the questions that you might have so that our agent can help you to resolve them
  • Make sure that you have all the information you need
  • If you live abroad, Interlegal Group could arrange the viewing of the property. Please note that fee will be imposed to cover transportation or other related matters.

4. Reserve your Home.

If, after visiting the property, you are interested in buying it, Interlegal Group will arrange all relevant documentation and lease with Banco Popular. Once your purchase request has been reviewed and approved by Aliseda Real Estate SGI SL, your operation will be validated.

Depending on the locality a reservation form along with the completed document, an amount of € 3,000 must be deposited (for reserving the property in your name) by means of a national nominative bankers draft will be applicable. In this way the property is reserved in your name. Interlegal shall use all reasonable endeavours to avoid the amount of the reservation of the property to be paid and proceed with the purchase of the property straight away.

5. Professional Fees.

No win no fee. We will make sure that your operation gets validated. This service is 100% free and confidential. A No Win, No Fee agreement will be extended which means that if your operation can not be validated, Interlegal Group is not paid for the work we have done.

6. Deed.

If the operation requires funding (Mortgage) from Banco Popular, once this is approved, we will contact you to arrange the signing at the notary. If the transaction was financed with your own funds, Aliseda Real Estate will contact you in order to set a date and time agreed by both parties and attend the notary for the transfer of the deeds of the property, delivering the keys of the property at the same time.

If you have paid the amount of € 3,000 previously deposited as a reservation fee will be considered as part of the remaining monies to be paid by the buyer for the purchase of the property.

This amount deposited shall not constitute any ownership rights over the property, with the Owner expressly reserving full ownership and possession of the property until the date on which the deed of sale is granted.

All expenses and taxes generated as a result of the purchase-sale are paid by the buyer, except for the tax on the Increase in Value of Assets of an Urban Nature (capital gains), which will be paid by the seller.