Industry & Sectors

Covering several sectors including Construction, Food, Gas, Oil, Insurance, Retail, Transport and more

Energy & Natural Resources

We have created a strong team to tackle the energy & natural resource area. The group of engineers and professionals in this field will undertake preliminary research to develop the project which you have in mind. Interlegal UK works with clients that include energy companies, industrial alliances and developers to name a few.

  • Our work in this area focuses on Solar Energy, Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, Biomass Energy, Eolic Energy, Hydraulic Energy and Electricity.
  • Concessions and authorisations for exploration, research and production
  • Advice on regulatory and contractual matters
  • Commercialisation of renewable energy
  • Financing of renewable energy projects
  • Compliance on storage and trading of oil products
  • Negotiation of supply, operation and maintenance contracts
  • Due diligence of projects for developers, investors and lenders
  • Exportation of products and technology



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